Ukraine maps

Ukraine maps: What You Need To Know About Ukraine

It would be useful to learn several facts on Ukraine and its geography, if you are about to visit this Eastern Europe country. This would help you to feel more comfortable during the trip and to plan your time and travel through Ukraine in a better fashion.

Now, till this day some people in Western countries believe that Ukraine is part of Russia. Even though, it is true that Ukraine has been a part of the Soviet Union and submitted to Russia, presently it is an independent European country.

Ukraine location and bordering countries

Ukraine is strategically located between European Union countries and between several post-USSR Slavic countries, such as Russia. On the west it borders with Poland, Slovakia, Moldova, Hungary and Rumania. On the east it borders with Russia and Byelorussia. So, in some way Ukraine serves as a buffer zone between the east and the west.

It has several sea borders with such countries as Bulgaria, Turkey, etc. Ukraine has outlets to two seas: Azov sea and Black sea.

Ukraine capital and large cities

The capital of Ukraine is Kiev. It is located in the north-west of the country. The city is located on the largest Ukrainian river called Dnepr; the capital is spread on both sides of the river and is connected by 7 large bridges.

The official statistic tells us that Kiev's population consists of little under 3 million people. However, unofficial data shows that the actual population may reach up to 5 million people.

Besides Kiev Ukraine has two more cities with population over 1 million people in them. Those are Odessa and Kharkov. Odessa is the seaport and it is located in the south on the Black Sea. Kharkov is considered to be the second capital of Ukraine and it is located in the East.

Geographical facts on Ukraine

- The territory of Ukraine covers an area of 233,062 sq miles;
- Ukraine has 24 areas (states) and one republic within it;
- The capital of Ukraine is Kiev;
- Ukraine has 18 sea ports;
- Geographical center of Europe is located in Ukraine;
- Ukraine has one mountain ridge called Carpathian mountains;
- Ukraine population is little over 45 million people;
- Ukraine is the largest country in Europe (i.e. it has the largest territory among other European countries);
- There are more women than men in Ukraine.

This geographical information on Ukraine would certainly be useful to those, who plan to visit this country.