Ukraine currency

Ukraine currency: info and safety tips

Now, using local money is one of the key things to get well versed about way before you land in Ukraine. You need to get some information to avoid getting yourself into trouble here. So, here are few questions we are going to answer:

- What currency one can use in Ukraine?
- What works the best in Ukraine: cash or cards?
- How much can you bring over?
- Currency exchange rules and tips.
- Cashing tips

So, let's start with the first question and get some idea on what currency is good in Ukraine. Now, the local money is called Hrivnas. Current exchange rate to US dollars is 8hrn to 1 US dollar.

Hrivnas have both paper notes and coins. Coins are mainly fiddler's money. Coins are called "Kopeiki" and there are 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50 and 1 hrivna coins in Ukraine. Now paper notes have the following nominal: 1 hrn, 2 hrn, 5 hrn, 10 hrn, 20 hrn, 50 hrn, 100 hrn, 200 hrn and 500 hrn. Take little time to learn these by heart. This way you won't let people cheat you by offering you fake and nonexistent face value money notes.

Now, in most places in Ukraine you need to pay your bills in Hrivnas. However, most private sellers or service providers would also gladly take US dollars.

What works the best in Ukraine: cash or cards?

Cash works the best, especially if you deal with privet sellers or service providers. Most apartment owners, cab drivers, street or market sellers would take only cash. The same it true about public transportation.

However, cards work well in shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, etc.

How much cash can you bring over?

You can bring in 10 000 Euros without declaring this money at the customs. Anything above this sum has to be declared in full amount.

Currency exchange rules and tips

Now, there are several ways to handle the exchange process. The least civilized is to use private cashers on the street. This is the most dangerous one, too. The best way is to exchange your money at any local bank. You may also do it in small exchange street kiosks. They may ask you to show them your passport during the exchange process and make a copy of it.

Cashing tips

Again the safest place to cash your money from the bank card is attending a bank. They have security guys there and you can all the printed bills for your transactions. You may also cash your money from ATMs. Keep in mind that ATMs can get broken and your card can get stuck inside. Some ATMs cut the cards, if the owner is unable to extract it in an hour or so. The service people from the bank may not be able arrive timely to save the day.

So, it is always the best option to cash your money in the banks or in the ATMs placed in the bank facilities. My all means avoid using street ATMs. Use the ones located in the malls or supermarkets.