Ukraine Airlines

Ins and Outs of Using Ukraine Airlines

Since you are planning your trip to Ukraine, you need to get some information about the local airlines. Of course, you may pick any world's airlines to get to Ukraine, but if you wish to take local flight, you may have to pick one of the local airlines. Now, there are several local companies to choose from.

Brief review of Ukraine Airlines

UIA (Ukraine International Airlines)

This company was established back in 1992 using all the assets of the local USSR airlines. Presently, UIA is the only Ukraine airline company that makes flights to such destinations, as Paris, London, etc. It also provides connection flights from abroad and around Ukraine and its smaller cities.

So, it can be one of your more affordable and hassle free flight options. This way you not need to book your local flights separately and get one stop shopping connection flights arranged for you. This company has a web site, where you can do the booking.

The prices for its international flights are very competitive compared to European and US airlines. One of the key benefits of using this company is their safety policy. They have 20 Boeing aircrafts and they get official certificate of getting them serviced, repaired and maintained on yearly basis.

Wizz Air Ukraine

This company was established in 2008. So, it is a relatively new airline. Mostly this company makes flights inside the country, so it can be your number one choice to travel around Ukraine. The prices for tickets are very affordable.


This is one of the largest Ukrainian airlines with both international and local flight directions. It was established back in 1994. It makes local flights to 11 Ukrainian cities, such as Odessa, Sevastopol, Kharkov, etc. Its main base is in Kiev and at its Borispol airport. The company owns up to 30 aircrafts of different sizes. The prices are affordable and the service is tolerable.

Problems to expect

Despite many advantages of the local Ukrainian airline, they have some significant cons to deal with. Here is a short list of difficulties you may expect to deal with using local Ukrainian airlines. For one, they may delay departure and arrival times. Secondly, there are frequent cases of luggage loss or damage during the flights. You may also expect some difficulties with returning or exchanging your tickets or with getting your money back, if the flight gets canceled.