Transportation in Ukraine

Transportation in Ukraine: subway, buses and shuttle buses, trolleys, trams, cabs and private cars

Ukraine has a well developed network of public transportation. In the title you can see several types of your traveling options. Let's take a closer look at each of them.


Only few cities in Ukraine have subway. Those are Kiev, Kharkov, and Dnepropetrovsk. Kiev has the largest subway in Ukraine and one of its stations Arsenalna is the deepest subway station in the world.

Subway ticket costs around 0.25 cents or 2 hrivnas per one ride. You can buy tokens right at the entrance points. Subway is the fastest way to get around in those busy and high traffic cities. Most stations have 1 or 2 moving staircases that take you down to the platform. During the rush hours trains come and go every 2 minutes.


There is a well developed network of buses and shuttle buses in most cities, town and even villages of Ukraine. While large buses are mostly owned by the stated, smaller shuttle buses are have private owners, who obtained state licenses. Shuttle bus rides are move expensive than large bus rides. Still, shuttle bus city ride would hardly cost you anything over 0.35 cents or 3 hrivnas. At this, shuttle buses rides are faster than the large bus ones.


Trolleys are slow, but safe. These are the "wire buses". They use electric wire lines stretched around the cities. Trolleys are municipal type of public transportation. One ride costs around 0.2 cents or 1.5 hrivnas. Keep in mind that you need to buy a ticket on the trolley stop to get a ride in the trolleys.


This is another slow but relatively safe type of public transportation. Trams use both electric wires and railways to move around the cities. Not all the cities or towns of Ukraine have them. One ride costs the same as the trolley ride. And you also need to buy your ticket on the tram stop.

Cabs and private cars

Most cities and towns have officially licensed cab companies. The problem is one can hardly know which car belongs to such licensed company and which one is private. Both cars can have cab signs and pellets on the top, but it does not necessarily mean you are using a licensed cab. Now, most licensed cabs do have card payment terminals in them. So, you may not need cash in such cabs.

On the other hand, many private car drivers would gladly give you a ride and earn an extra buck. However, you should avoid using such services, as they may hold danger both for your money and life.