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Mobile companies in Ukraine: Learn Your Communication Options

If you plan to visit Ukraine, you need to find some key information beforehand to make your time in Ukraine pleasant and stress free. One of such things to find out is your communication possibilities while in Ukraine. No doubt you would need to make some local and international phone calls, get online or send emails, so you really need to know your options.

Top mobile companies of Ukraine

Top phone companies of Ukraine are Kiyvstar, MTS Ukraine, Beeline and Life. These companies provide you with GSM communication format. There are also several CDMA communication companies, such as Utel and Intertelecom.

Besides, Ukraine has one large wire phone line company with stationary phones in millions of people's homes and post offices.

However, not all the cell phone companies of Ukraine have equal capabilities and signal coverage zone. This is one of the key things to learn, while planning your trip and your communications in Ukraine. If you plan to visit only large cities, then all the companies would work equally well in means of signal coverage.

If you plan to travel much through Ukraine and visit its small towns or villages, then you need to pick the phone company with the best signal coverage, which is Kyivstar. MTS would be your second best choice.

Picking your most affordable cell phone option

The good news is Ukraine has one of the lowest cell phone rates in the world to offer. The average rate is about 7 cents per minute. Plus, mobile companies of Ukraine do not charge you any connection rate, as they used to do before. So, presently you pay only for the time you stay connected through your cell phone.

Now, there is no easy answer to the question: which company is cheaper. It all depends on what kind of communication you plan to have. For instance, such companies as MTS or Life have such calling plans, where you pay nothing for your outcoming calls inside their network. So, it's a good idea to find out what company your business partner, traveling agent or fiancé uses and then make your choice. Indeed, you can get very cheap communication, if you make most calls inside one network.

Where to buy a SIM card

You may find these cards sold in most malls or shopping centers or just on the street. You may see various kiosks or people selling SIM-cards right on the streets. You can pay your cell phone bills online, using ATM, through automated kiosks or in most shopping places around the country.