Ukraine nightclubs

Night fun in Ukraine

Ukrainians is the nation that loves having fun. Lots of young people love to hang out in a variety of night clubs, pubs or other entertainment places. At this, most larger cities and towns of Ukraine have the majority of such places and they can be really scarce in the smaller towns or villages. How do you find them? Ask locals or read online reviews.

Night life in Ukraine

If you are a fun of huge dancing events or large entertainment spaces, you won't find them in Ukraine. Most night clubs are not that large. Nevertheless, these places are perfect for meeting people. You know, Ukrainians are very much focused on fellowship. So, most clubs would have nice areas for chilling out and actually talking to each other. Plus, locals are creative, so you can get to go to some very unique fun spots. And if you have seen the Ukrainian girls on the streets (their sexy style in clothes), you can just imagine how they dress up for the night clubs.

Ukraine has cold climate. So for the most part of the year its night fun is concentrated in Kiev - the capital. But during the summer time you can find all sorts of outdoor night facilities in such seaside cities as Odessa or many cities of Crimea.

Here are some ideas for those who love the night life

The night fun shift usually starts at 11 p.m. and lasts till 4-6 a.m. in Ukraine. The food in the night clubs is more expensive than in local restaurants. So, if you want to save few bucks, eat first and then go fun hunting. And, do not forget to take some cash with you. Yes, most night clubs would take cards. But still it's a good idea to have some cash on hands. It could be anything from 300 to 1000 grivnas (up to $100).

You may want to book a table in the club ahead of time, especially on a busy night. If you like to smoke cigarettes, you should make sure you do not get fined for it. No doubt, you'll see many people smoking on the streets or in the clubs, but it's illegal in Ukraine. So, look for special places, where smoking is allowed. And stay on guard, as here in Ukraine, as in all other countries of the world you can deal with anything from drugs to hookers, robbery or fraud. So, having fun stay sober enough to take care of yourself.