Restaurants in Ukraine

Dining out in Ukraine

You would be surprised by the excellent choice of dining options in Ukraine. Here you can find anything from getting a quick bite in traditional US fast foods to the most sophisticated fine dining. The choice of the cuisine is not limited to local one. Although Ukrainian cuisine is very authentic and delicious; it is certainly worth giving a try. But you can find here your favorite foods from all over the world be it Chinese, Japanese, Italian, or UK.

Naturally, Kiev is to offer the widest choice of dainties. You can find great restaurants here both in the downtown and in the other areas and suburbs of this city. You can also find here anything to quench your hunger for food, as well as your hunger for fun. You get to pick from a variety of coffee shops, pubs, bars, fast foods, restaurants, or pizza places.

If you love to get a quick bite time to time you can find an interesting selection of fast food chains here. Even though you won't find Pizza Hut or Wendy's, you can surely visit old good McDonalds. Or try something new and visit local cuisine fast foods, such as Drova, Puzata Hata, Smachna Kartoplay, Shvydko or get your pizza at Celentano pizza place. Yeah, you're right, those names sound funny, but the food is good. And you can eat to your hearts' content at only 12 bucks per head.

What are the other bite and sup options of Ukraine? We'd advise you to avoid trying the street food or the food sold on public transportation stops. The good spots are located in the shopping malls. Most of them provide with any sort of shopping, fun and eating places. You get large dining area with 5-10 small restaurants to pick from. There you can find local cuisine dishes, as well as burgers, pizza and sushi.

It has to be stated that snack bars are not very popular in this country. You can find a variety of sandwiches or snacks sold on the streets, but it's always better to stay away from this kind of local food. Although, there are many coffee shops here. You can get a bite or a scrumptious dessert with a cup of good coffee or tea there. It's always best to get the reviews on the local eateries. You can get them at Ukraine vacay site or try the fine dining places. They are safe and good to go with.